Scott Walker and the truth

By Lee Wishing, the administrative director of The Center for Vision & Values at Grove City College

The Wall Street Journal’s John Fund is a walking political encyclopedia. I was fascinated by his recall of regional election statistics a few weeks ago when he spoke at the Pennsylvania Breakfast at the Conservative Political Action Conference. He grabbed my attention again on Saturday in his latest column, where he presented a correlation between embattled Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s passion for speaking the truth and his electability . . . even against great odds.

Prior to winning the governor’s race in 2010, Walker served two-and-a-half terms as county executive in heavily Democratic Milwaukee County (he won a special election in 2002, followed by general election victories in 2004 and 2008)—the first Republican elected to a countywide position. In ’08, John McCain garnered just 31 percent of the vote in Milwaukee County (to Obama’s 59 percent) while Walker hauled in a remarkable 59 percent. Four years before that he received 57 percent of the vote.

How does Walker explain those numbers?

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