The Democrats’ White-Male Problem

A Further Perspective

By Dr. Paul Kengor

As posted at The American Spectator

We’re being told by Democrats that Republicans have a white-male problem. But what about Democrats’ white-male problem?

Think about it: What about the Democratic Party’s extraordinary loss of white males? It was white males who built the Democratic Party, and built America, and stormed the beaches of Normandy, and defeated Hitler, and much more. I’m a white male. Many of us are actually decent people. My Christian white-male ancestors fought for the north in the Civil War and freed black Americans from slavery. A lot of them died for that. I’m proud of what they did.

Why make fun of us? Why are so many liberals seemingly so contemptuous of white males? Why do they hate us?

Moreover, why wouldn’t Democrats want to try to win back some white males? And why are white males so solidly Republican, a trend that started 30 years ago?

The Democrats have ceded this huge voting bloc to Republicans. Every four years, Democrats start with that major disadvantage. It’s like Republicans starting with Electoral College losses of California, New York, Massachusetts, and Illinois.

For that matter, why aren’t Democrats appealing to married women? Married women voted for Mitt Romney handily. Obama got single women in a landslide, but, last I checked, there are tens of millions of married women in America—and they didn’t vote Democrat.

Furthermore, why are Democrats losing people over the age of 45? Those aged 45-64 (men and women both) voted Romney over Obama 51-47, and those 65 or older went Romney 56-44. I understand there will be a lot more of these voters going forward. These are the Social Security and Medicare recipients that Democrats have been banking on for 50 years.

Another good question that ought to concern Democrats: Why did nearly 60 percent of churchgoing Catholics vote for Mitt Romney? Year-by-year, faithful Catholics have faithfully moved away from the Democratic Party. They once formed the backbone of the party. They were a slam-dunk for Democrats. Not anymore. They’re gone. Why aren’t Democrats trying to appeal to them?

Even more striking, why did nearly 80 percent of evangelicals vote for Mitt Romney, a Mormon, over Barack Obama, a Christian?

In fact, why are religious people in general fleeing the Democratic Party like the plague? If you describe yourself as churchgoing, you tend to vote Republican. This has been true for at least 20 years now. To the contrary, those who describe themselves as “not very” or “not at all” religious vote overwhelmingly for the Democratic nominee. Sure, the country is getting more secular, but the vast majority of Americans still believe in God.

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Comment from Frank J. Parnell
Time: November 13, 2012, 12:13 pm

Yes, white males are so persecuted in this country!

“Even more striking, why did nearly 80 percent of evangelicals vote for Mitt Romney, a Mormon, over Barack Obama, a Christian?”

Ha ha, GUESS!

Comment from Frank J. Parnell
Time: November 14, 2012, 10:16 am

Another persepctive: enjoy!

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