Senate Democrats Pass Their 1st Budget in 4 Years!

This weekend, Glen talks about the competing budget plans in Washington D.C.  The Senate barely passed their first budget in 4 years during the early hours Saturday morning (50-49).  The Democrat budget increases taxes, increases spending, increases debt, and never balances.  The Ryan budget plan (which passed in the House) also increases spending (but at a lower rate than the Democrats’ plan), but it balances in 10 years without raising taxes.

Glen also talks about this week’s many foreign policy headlines with Dr. Kiron Skinner (Associate Professor at Carnegie Mellon University and a research fellow at the Hoover Institution).  Kiron offers her insights on the President’s Israel trip, the Administration’s troubling policy of inaction in Syria, and the failure to adequately address the growing Iranian nuclear threat.  Kiron also discusses her recent CPAC speech, and her vision of what a conservative foreign policy should look like.

Glen also talks with Lori Sherif, Center Coordinator for Eagle’s View Learning Center, which is powered by Pennsylvania Leadership Charter School (PALCS).  Lori explains why she decided to start this learning center, how the learning center supports PALCS students and parents, and why she chose to work with PALCS.

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