Men Like Stan Evans

As Posted at The Center for Vision and Values By Dr. Paul Kengor Editor’s note: This article first appeared at The American Spectator. “I need to call Stan,” I told my kids as I dropped them off. It was Sunday, which was always a good day to reach Stan Evans. When he needed me, he […]

Martin Luther King and the Berlin Wall

By Dr. Paul Kengor As posted at The Center for Vision and Values Editor’s note: This article first appeared at The Washington Post When we think of Martin Luther King Jr.’s great speeches, we don’t think of Berlin. And when we think of great American speeches in Berlin, we think of John F. Kennedy and […]

2014-08-16 Dr. Richard Jewell Stands in for Glen Meakem

This weekend, Dr. Richard Jewell, outgoing President of Grove City College, stands in as guest host for Glen Meakem.  Dick talks with Dr. Stu Sutin (Professor of Education at the University of Pittsburgh) about the coming crisis stemming from the ever increasing costs of a college and university education.  Dick also talks with Dr. […]

Remembering Herb Romerstein

By Dr. Paul Kengor As posted at The American Spectator Death of a Cold Warrior and national treasure.   Every human life is special, unique, unrepeatable — to borrow from Pope John Paul II. Every loss of life is a loss. Some losses, however, seem larger, leaving a void no one else can fill. When […]

Bill Casey’s Centennial

By Dr. Paul Kengor As posted at The American Thinker Remembering the CIA Director who won the Cold War. Kudos to Young America’s Foundation (YAF) and Herb Meyer for celebrating a centennial that somehow eluded CNN and the New York Times: the 100th anniversary of the birth of the late William Casey, Ronald Reagan’s director […]

August 13-14: Some of our Best

This weekend, Glen replays an interview that he and Jerry Bowyer conducted with the Roman Catholic Theologian and scholar, George Weigel, back in 2006. It is very instructive to hear how relevant that discussion still is today. President Obama and the progressive left have been trying to force a European styled socialism and dependency […]

Heritage Morning Bell: The Truth About Tax Cuts

Published June22, 2011 at Heritage: Morning Bell All you are likely to hear about low tax rates from liberals and their echo chamber in the media is that they don’t work—that they fail to gin up economic or job growth. Exhibit A for this preposterous proposition is the Bush tax cuts. The left wants you […]

April 9-10 – The President Still is not Leading

On this weekend’s show, Glen talks about the budget deal reached late Friday evening that will cut $38.5 Billion in federal spending for the remainder of the current fiscal year.  Glen also talks about the situation in Libya and the Supreme Court election results in Wisconsin. Jerry Bowyer – economist, columnist, and author […]

The Ted Kennedy Chronicles: A Look at the Latest Declassified FBI Files

“[O]nce again we have more declassified files on Ted Kennedy producing yet more unsettling questions. As readers of my previous columns and books know, Ted Kennedy made a confidential outreach to Soviet despot Yuri Andropov in May 1983, evidenced by a stunning KGB memo. The goal was to undermine Ronald Reagan’s defense policies and, in my view, Reagan’s re-election prospects as well.” Now, “[a]nother round of declassified FBI files on Senator Ted Kennedy has been released. Fittingly, in Kennedy’s case, they once again raise all sorts of questions, from the moral to the political to issues of national security.”

Ronald Reagan’s Farewell Address

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