Cleaning up our border

Leo W. Banks of the Tucson Weekly

I”ve mentioned before that Michelle Malkin is chronicling the violence that results from our open border policy with Mexico on her website. Unfortunately, the rape and murder committed by illegal immigrants in this country continues.  And it is not limited to the Arizona borders.  Fox news reports June 1 that one woman was murdered and two others were recently assaulted in Washington State by illegal immigrants from Mexico.  But instead of protecting U.S. citizens and supporting law enforcement, the Obama administration continues to threaten legal action against the state of Arizona for implementing its new immigration law.

Meanwhile, Marxist groups continue to march against the right of the United States to protect and maintain its national borders, and demagogue AZ Governor Jan Brewer as a racist.  Mexican President Felipe Calderon recently lectured the American people from the floor of the House of Representatives leading some patriots to wonder, “Is this Just a Nightmare, or Did it Really Happen?

Without help from Washington D.C., Americans are trying to protect themselves and  clean up the trash generated by illegal border crossings (here is an older article with photos detailing the trash left in Southern Arizona).

It is alarming that our current administration has chosen to ignore the will of the American people and side with those who seek to demolish our southern border with Mexico.  See Michelle’s posts and photo galleries (complete with commentary) here, here, here, and here.  I find the image of the inverted American Flag, flown underneath the Mexican Flag particularly infuriating.

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