A Week of Atrocities


Dr. Kiron Skinner

This weekend, Glen talks about the atrocious shooting that took place in an Aurora, Colorado movie theater.  Please pray for the individuals and family members that have been affected directly, and whose lives have been turned upside down.

Glen also talks about the terrorist bombing in Bulgaria that targeted Israeli citizens, and Bashir al-Assad’s ongoing slaughter of the Syrian people.

Bob Fragasso (Chairman and CEO of Fragasso Financial Advisors) joins Glen with some important insights on current economic headlines.  Bob also offers important investment strategies that remain effective even in these tough economic times.

Dr. Kiron Skinner (Research Fellow at the Hoover Institution and Founder and Director of Carnegie Mellon University’s “Center for International Releations and Politics”) joins Glen with some insights on the ongoing situation in Syria and Bulgaria.  She also plays some of Ronald Reagan’s radio broadcasts from the 1970s, which are available in her audio book, “Reagan: In His Own Voice.”  It is truly amazing to hear how relevant Reagan’s thoughts on socialism, economics, and foreign policy from 40 years ago are today.

Finally, Conservative legend Phyllis Schlafly (founder of Eagle Forum) joins Glen with some thoughts on President Obama’s recent comments regarding “outsourcing,” the current breakdown of the American family, and how Conservatives can be involved in getting this country back onto the right track.

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