Dr. Mark Hendrickson On Problems with Piketty’s European Economic Vision


On his radio program this past weekend,  Glen talked about the economy, Islamic terrorism, energy, and the environment.  Glen also talked with Dr. Mark Hendrickson (A fellow for economic and social policy with The Center for Vision and Values) about why European styled socialism has failed to create economic prosperity and social mobility wherever it has been implemented.  Unfortunately, these historic failures haven’t stopped President Obama and his allies in Congress from implementing tax, borrow, and spend policies here in the United States.  And they didn’t stop French economist Thomas Piketty from promoting massive global wealth redistribution as the answer to economic inequality in his recent book, Capital in the Twenty-First Century.  Mark points out that these economic ideas have never worked, and instead create a lower standard of living for everyone.  Mark also points out that Piketty is forced to manipulate the economic data in his book in order to justify his wealth redistribution scheme.  Mark draws on his new book,  Problems with Piketty: The Flaws and Fallacies in “Capital in the Twenty-First Century,” which critically examines Piketty’s claims.  If you missed this terrific interview, you can find it above.

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Comment from Elizabeth
Time: February 7, 2015, 11:44 am

I was wondering about the panic over measles.Didn’t we just have a huge influx of people across the border who came in, with all manner of diseases who were immediately put on a bus and transported to various communities all around the country and enrolled in school the next day? Now we blame a small percentage of frightened parents who didn’t want to vaccinate because they still believe an old disproved study on vaccines.
Question, have they stopped crossing the border or have we just stopped talking about it?

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