Ronald Reagan on Religious Tolerance

Editor’s note: This article first appeared at American Spectator.

February is the month that we recognize our presidents. It has also become the month that Republicans remember Ronald Reagan. Reagan’s birthday is February 6, the forerunner to Lincoln’s birthday (February 12), Washington’s birthday (February 22), and President’s Day (February 17). Throughout the nation, county and statewide Republican groups have been changing their longtime annual Lincoln Day dinners into Reagan Day dinners. On February 25, we at the Center for Vision & Values will host our superb Ronald Reagan Lecture.

Thus, this is also a time when conservatives reach back for various nuggets of wisdom from the Gipper that are badly needed as our current president fundamentally transforms the nation. Among those nuggets, one that you likely will not hear is a gem of a Reagan speech delivered in Dallas 30 years ago. It offers a desperately needed message on religious tolerance—the subject of our April Center for Vision & Values conference.

Today’s liberals/progressives, who incessantly preach diversity and tolerance, have been unrelenting in their current campaign of religious intolerance. They mandate that everyone, including religious believers, pay for contraception and abortion drugs; those who disagree are framed as favoring a “war on women.” They vigorously demonize and sue anyone who disagrees with them on gay marriage: a Christian florist in Washington state, a Christian wedding photographer in New Mexico, a Methodist group in New Jersey, Catholic Charities in Massachusetts and Illinois, Christian bakers in Oregon and Colorado, and on and on.

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