Memorial Day: Remembering Loyce Deen of Altus, Oklahoma

As Posted at The Center for Vision and Values By Dr. Mark Hendrickson I’ve written in the past about how my Pop carried with him a haunting memory from his time aboard the aircraft carrier Essex in World War II. Anti-aircraft fire had killed a turret gunner during a sortie. Pop, whose job it was […]

2015-05-16: Big Government fails

[display_podcast] This weekend, Glen talks about the Amtrak train crash, Obama’s Camp David Summit, Islamic State’s advance in Ramadi, and Hillary Clinton’s scandals.  Glen talks with Dr. Paul Kengor, the executive director of the Center for Vision and Values at Grove City College about his new book, Takedown: From Communists to Progressives, How the Left […]

2015-05-09: Attacking choice and competition in our education system

[display_podcast] This weekend, Glen talks about the various media reactions to the attempted terrorist attack at the Texas American Freedom Defense initiative’s Muhammad Cartoon Drawing contest.  Some of the liberal reactions were less tolerant of Pamela Geller (the event organizer) than they were of the Islamists who marked her for death because she organized the […]

Ronald Reagan on Religious Tolerance

Editor’s note: This article first appeared at American Spectator. February is the month that we recognize our presidents. It has also become the month that Republicans remember Ronald Reagan. Reagan’s birthday is February 6, the forerunner to Lincoln’s birthday (February 12), Washington’s birthday (February 22), and President’s Day (February 17). Throughout the nation, county and […]

The Pope’s Global Warming Summit

[display_podcast] Jim Lakely (Director of Communications at the Heartland Institute) appeared with Glen to talk about  Heartland’s recent visit to the Vatican.  Heartland scholars and scientists traveled to Rome to push back against the hypothesis of catastrophic human caused climate change. In addition to the radio excerpt above, you can watch Heartland Institute’s press conference […]

2015-05-02: Liberal Foreign Policy is Making the World Less Safe!

[display_podcast] This weekend, Glen talks about the latest headlines concerning Iranian Aggression in the Hormuz Straight and the determination of the Obama Administration to reach a nuclear agreement with Tehran.  Glen also talks about the Clinton Foundation scandal, the Baltimore riots, and the latest IRS scandal headlines. Glen talks with Michael Geer (President of the […]

Foreign Policy Expert Appears with Glen Meakem

[display_podcast] Dr. Kiron Skinner recently appeared with Glen Meakem on his weekend radio program to talk about the U.S. drone strike that targeted a suspected al Qaeda compound in Pakistan and killed two western hostages.  One of those hostages was Warren Weinstein, an American development expert.  Dr. Skinner also commented on the latest headlines related […]

2015-04-25: Good Leaders Lead by Example

[display_podcast] LEARN MORE ABOUT THE CORNHOLE CLASSIC 2015 TO BENEFIT WOUNDED WARRIOR PROJECT This weekend, Glen talks about the exploding Hillary Clinton scandals, President Obama’s claim that Global Warming is the biggest threat facing the planet (not a nuclear Iran or the rise of global Islamic terrorism), and Putin’s latest threats to Eastern Europe. Glen […]

Hollywood’s Blacklist and Agents of Stalin—and Hitler

As posted at The Center for Vision and Values Few subjects have been as addled, muddled, and befuddled as the issue of communist penetration of the American film industry. Thanks to liberals and their control of Hollywood, media, and academia, the typical take is that Hollywood in the 1940s was graced by a bunch of […]

2015-04-18: Authoritarian Liberal Elitism

[display_podcast] This weekend, Glen pushes back against the Liberal elitism of the political left.  Liberal elites believe that they are smarter than the rest of us, and believe that Americans who hold to traditional conservative values of smaller government, lower taxes, and less government spending are just dumb. Glen also talks about the now obvious […]