2015-05-02: Liberal Foreign Policy is Making the World Less Safe!

[display_podcast] This weekend, Glen talks about the latest headlines concerning Iranian Aggression in the Hormuz Straight and the determination of the Obama Administration to reach a nuclear agreement with Tehran.  Glen also talks about the Clinton Foundation scandal, the Baltimore riots, and the latest IRS scandal headlines. Glen talks with Michael Geer (President of the […]

2015-04-25: Good Leaders Lead by Example

[display_podcast] LEARN MORE ABOUT THE CORNHOLE CLASSIC 2015 TO BENEFIT WOUNDED WARRIOR PROJECT This weekend, Glen talks about the exploding Hillary Clinton scandals, President Obama’s claim that Global Warming is the biggest threat facing the planet (not a nuclear Iran or the rise of global Islamic terrorism), and Putin’s latest threats to Eastern Europe. Glen […]

2015-04-18: Authoritarian Liberal Elitism

[display_podcast] This weekend, Glen pushes back against the Liberal elitism of the political left.  Liberal elites believe that they are smarter than the rest of us, and believe that Americans who hold to traditional conservative values of smaller government, lower taxes, and less government spending are just dumb. Glen also talks about the now obvious […]

2015-04-11 Iran Disagrees with Obama on Nuclear Framework

[display_podcast] This past week, Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei contradicted President Obama concerning the key issues of the nuclear framework.  Khamenei is saying that all sanctions must be lifted on day one of the final deal, that inspectors will have zero access to Iran’s military nuclear facilities, and that Iran will continue to use advanced […]

2015-04-04: Obama… Appeaser-In-Chief

[display_podcast] This weekend, Glen talks about Obama’s Iranian framework for an eventual nuclear deal, the terror attack in Kenya, and the latest headlines surrounding Religious Freedom and Restoration Acts in Indiana and Arkansas. You can read Graeme Wood’s article, “What ISIS Really Wants” here! Glen talks with Heather MacDowell (the Thomas W. Smith Fellow at […]

2015-03-28: Obama’s Middle East Policy

[display_podcast] This weekend, Glen talks about the imploding Obama Middle East Foreign Policy.  Glen also talks about the latest executive actions taken by the Obama Administration to thwart the North American energy industry, hurt the economy, and destroy American jobs.  Glen talks with Kathleen Sgamma (Vice President of Government and Public Affairs with Western Energy […]

2015-03-21 Guest Host Dr. Paul Kengor

[display_podcast] This weekend, Dr. Paul Kengor (Executive Director of the Center for Vision and Values) stands in proudly for Glen.  Paul talks about the Israeli election results, the anniversary of Iwo Jima, and the latest concerns over Obama’s nuclear negotiations with Iran.  Paul also talks about Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s recent comments regarding Obama mentor, Frank […]

2015-03-14: Pushing Back against the Liberal Agenda

[display_podcast] This weekend,  Glen talks about the latest headlines related to Obama’s pursuit for a nuclear arms deal with Iran, Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, and the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri.  Glen also talks with Rabbi Aryeh Spero (of Caucus for America), author of the book Push Back: Reclaiming the American Judeo-Christian Spirit, about the importance […]

2015-03-07: Another Clinton Scandal

[display_podcast] This weekend, Glen talks about the developing Hillary Clinton email scandal, Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech before Congress, and Obama’s determination to let Iran obtain nuclear weapons. Glen talks with Jim Hanak (CEO of Pennsylvania Leadership Charter School) about Governor Tom Wolf’s Pennsylvania budget, and how it attacks charter schools. Glen also talks with Katie Brown […]

2015-02-28: The Audacity of Left-Wing Authoritarianism

[display_podcast] Read Graeme Wood’s article, “What ISIS Really Wants.” This weekend, Glen talks about Obama’s veto of the popular bipartisan Keystone Pipeline, the Democrat filibuster of the House’s DHS funding bill, Obama’s ATF ban of certain 5.56 ammo, and Obama’s FCC’s new regulations that take control the internet. Glen talks with Congressman Mike Kelly (R-PA) […]